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Warrior Wonder Woman concept collaboration with Tess Fowler. First pass at character design. Warrior Wonder Woman concept collaboration with Tess Fowler. First pass at character design with color blocking. Final Warrior Wonder Woman art by Tess Fowler, based off the finished costume. Cutting and dying the leather for Warrior Wonder Woman's skirt. Wonderflex armor fabrication. First coat of paint on armor and props - prior to distressing. Photo by Joits Photography Photo by LJinto Photo by SGH PhotoArt Photo by LJinto

Warrior Wonder Woman - From Concept to Completion

I’ve finally polished off my costume construction notes for Warrior Wonder Woman! Above is a taste of some of the process involved, including my collaboration with the talented Tess Fowler on the character concept. 

Click photos for captions, or read all of my notes here! :D

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Plastic wrap and masking tape are a great way to pattern out armor and clothing! Veg-tanned leather cut using the masking tape pattern as a guide. My very first time trying to wet-form leather. Quite happy with the results! The leather top prior to top-stitching and dying. The final top. My very first time dying polyester. I was a bit worried since the fabric was so expensive, but the boiling method worked great. I didn't even need additives like salt or vinegar. Getting creative to shape some EVA foam armor! Nearly finished dress. Huge thank you to my friend Mayhem for creating a custom pattern for me! With that knocked out, I was able to sew the dress in a single evening. My first Arda Wig - lace front and heat resistant. I started by straightening out the soft curl, then braiding bits and locking in the wave with the iron!

WIP - Daenerys Targaryen

This is the fastest I’ve ever turned around a costume - start to nearly finished in a week and a half. I usually don’t like to rush costumes in this way, but I was offered an incredible opportunity I couldn’t turn down! 

I’ve been invited to a Wild Places shoot with Anna Cosplay Photography, and we are staying with George R. R. Martin in New Mexico! I decided to tackle Daenerys’ outfit from the House of the Undying for the trip. Click the photos for construction notes!

I leave on Friday for the shoot - I can’t wait to work with Anna, other fantastic cosplayers, and meet George! :D

Two new Gabrielle Belmont photos to celebrate finishing my construction notes

This costume is the most ambitious and demanding design I’ve ever tackled, challenging me to combine many of the skills I’ve learned over the past eight years – leather working, armor fabrication, molding and casting, and more. As such, you’re in for a long read should you be interested in the entirety of how it came together. If you’re looking for insight on a specific part of this build, however, I’ve made subheads to help you skip around to whatever piques your interest!

Image #1 by Darrell of BGZ Studios. Image #2 by Benny Lee Photography

WIP: Gabrielle Belmont/Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

My plane leaves for Dragon*Con in six hours, and I’ve just finished my Lords of Shadow costume. Not for a lack of trying to finish early - I started this beast several months ago. 

This has been the most intense, complicated, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding costume I’ve ever worked on. I’ve learned a slew of new skills and can’t wait to wear it out and about this weekend.

Huge thank you to Catherine of God Save the Queen Fashions for drafting the pattern for the jacket - made my first large sewing project so much less daunting! Also, thanks to Tom Ignatius for letting me take over his basement, use his industrial sewing machine, and ensuring I didn’t ruin all everything when working with expensive leather. Lastly, huge shout out to Keith Carter for the mold making lessons! I want to cast everything now!

And yes, almost all of the armor is Worbla. I used an entire extra large roll on this project!

And…sleep time. 

Off to SDCC!

I’m out the door and on my way to SDCC! I can’t wait to debut my new costumes at the show. Above are a few more progress photos from this past week - I polished off the tribute to Camilla d’Errico’s Helmet Girls, and Atomic Wonder Woman. Click photos for captions!

Also, this can’t be conveyed in photos - video needed. IT’S ALIVE!

If you’ll be at the show, my costume lineup is below! Hope to see you there!

Thursday: Claire Redfield - Resident Evil 2
Friday: [NEW] Helmet Girl Tribute (with Lisa Lou Who!)
Saturday: [NEW] Atomic Wonder Woman - Infinite Crisis MOBA
Sunday: Warrior Wonder Woman - Original Design by Tess Fowler 

Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP 

Vest prior to dying. Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP Ashlotte WIP Gabrielle Belmont WIP Gabrielle Belmont WIP Gabrielle Belmont WIP

Cosplay Update! Claire, Ashlotte, and Gabrielle!

Because I have SO MUCH FREE TIME ON MY HANDS I decided to add an additional costume to my roster for Fanime! I’m totally stoked to finally finish my Claire Redfield costume, which will be uncharacteristically comfortable. I think I’ll regret adding her to the list as SDCC creeps closer though, when I’m not finished with Ashlotte or Gabrielle Belmont. :P 

I spent the weekend painting the back of Claire’s vest, and I’m quite proud of the results considering that I’m not an illustrator by any means. Her right hand is a bit of a mess, but I’ll cover it with some zombie blood and call it a day! 

I’m making light progress with Ashlotte (debut at SDCC), but mostly just the chest piece and skirt/leggings. I need to get cracking on her armor!

Gabrielle Belmont (debut at Dragon*Con) is proving slow, but coming along nicely! I’m having fun making the Cyclone boots and the Dark Gauntlet out of Worbla. Started work on the Combat Cross, too!

I’m actually really enjoying working on more than one costume at a time - it allows me to move onto something else whenever I get frustrated with a particular piece, which is quit often. :S

I’ll also be at BigWow this next weekend in San Jose, wearing a slightly updated version of my Zatanna costume. It’s been years so I’m excited to pull her out of the closet again!

That’s all for now - I’ll post more WIP photos as they come!

Finishing this costume before I leave for SOFA on Tuesday is going to be the death of me! I’m very happy with how it is turning out, though. Photos above show before and after distressing the armor (done with spray paint, sea sponges, and a soldering iron) and a close up of the shield and sword!