Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP 

Vest prior to dying. Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP Claire Redfield WIP Ashlotte WIP Gabrielle Belmont WIP Gabrielle Belmont WIP Gabrielle Belmont WIP

Cosplay Update! Claire, Ashlotte, and Gabrielle!

Because I have SO MUCH FREE TIME ON MY HANDS I decided to add an additional costume to my roster for Fanime! I’m totally stoked to finally finish my Claire Redfield costume, which will be uncharacteristically comfortable. I think I’ll regret adding her to the list as SDCC creeps closer though, when I’m not finished with Ashlotte or Gabrielle Belmont. :P 

I spent the weekend painting the back of Claire’s vest, and I’m quite proud of the results considering that I’m not an illustrator by any means. Her right hand is a bit of a mess, but I’ll cover it with some zombie blood and call it a day! 

I’m making light progress with Ashlotte (debut at SDCC), but mostly just the chest piece and skirt/leggings. I need to get cracking on her armor!

Gabrielle Belmont (debut at Dragon*Con) is proving slow, but coming along nicely! I’m having fun making the Cyclone boots and the Dark Gauntlet out of Worbla. Started work on the Combat Cross, too!

I’m actually really enjoying working on more than one costume at a time - it allows me to move onto something else whenever I get frustrated with a particular piece, which is quit often. :S

I’ll also be at BigWow this next weekend in San Jose, wearing a slightly updated version of my Zatanna costume. It’s been years so I’m excited to pull her out of the closet again!

That’s all for now - I’ll post more WIP photos as they come!