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Got the final set of our Claymore shots back from LJinto and I am awestruck, as always. He scouted the perfect location just outside our Katsucon hotel, boasting an amazing statue called “The Awakening.” Linda and I envisioned it as a giant Yoma emerging from the sand, waiting to be slain by a pair of vengeful Claymore. :)

I’ve got about twenty more photos, which I’ll post once I’m finally done with the lengthy construction blog costumes of this caliber necessitate! 

(Photos featuring @VampyBitMe and myself)

Months of work and many weekends in Sacramento have culminated with this!

Linda (VampyBitMe) and I are in love with the final costumes and can’t wait to wear them to Katsucon this weekend. 

I’ll share much, much more about the construction techniques employed and equipment used in a blog next week. In it I’ll also introduce you to the rest of the Mantium Design team. This is our first collaborative project, but I feel safe in saying that with our combined skills you can expect more epic costumes in the future. :)