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Two new Gabrielle Belmont photos to celebrate finishing my construction notes

This costume is the most ambitious and demanding design I’ve ever tackled, challenging me to combine many of the skills I’ve learned over the past eight years – leather working, armor fabrication, molding and casting, and more. As such, you’re in for a long read should you be interested in the entirety of how it came together. If you’re looking for insight on a specific part of this build, however, I’ve made subheads to help you skip around to whatever piques your interest!

Image #1 by Darrell of BGZ Studios. Image #2 by Benny Lee Photography

WIP: Gabrielle Belmont/Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

My plane leaves for Dragon*Con in six hours, and I’ve just finished my Lords of Shadow costume. Not for a lack of trying to finish early - I started this beast several months ago. 

This has been the most intense, complicated, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding costume I’ve ever worked on. I’ve learned a slew of new skills and can’t wait to wear it out and about this weekend.

Huge thank you to Catherine of God Save the Queen Fashions for drafting the pattern for the jacket - made my first large sewing project so much less daunting! Also, thanks to Tom Ignatius for letting me take over his basement, use his industrial sewing machine, and ensuring I didn’t ruin all everything when working with expensive leather. Lastly, huge shout out to Keith Carter for the mold making lessons! I want to cast everything now!

And yes, almost all of the armor is Worbla. I used an entire extra large roll on this project!

And…sleep time.