SDCC Showcase: Atomic Wonder Woman

Ready, set, ATOMIC! I instantly fell in love with Atomic Wonder Woman’s design when this statue was revealed. Although a few people didn’t recognize who I was without help from the belt buckle, this costume was received really well at SDCC. And it was super comfortable! 

I’ll do a comprehensive blog with construction notes at a later date, but the majority of the armor is made from Worbla and EVA foam. The concrete is expandable insulation foam coated with textured spray paint. You can check out some of my progress photos here!

Overall I’m really happy with how this costume turned out. I’m going to make a few small adjustments before I wear it again, like taking in the top so it fits better.

Thank you to the awesome photographers below for helping me capture Atomic Wonder Woman!

  1. Photo by Adam Patrick Murray
  2. Photo by Andrew Ho
  3. Photo by LJinto
  4. Photo by Andrew Ho
  5. Photo by Andrew Ho
  6. Photo by LJinto
  7. Photo by Adam Patrick Murray
  8. Photo by Bitspitter
  9. - 10. Photo by Andrew Ho | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | DeviantArt