SDCC Showcase: Tribute to Camilla d’Errico’s Helmet Girls

Here’s another roundup of photos from SDCC! I added a Camilla d’Errico Helmet Girls tribute to the lineup last minute, and was lucky enough to have Lisa Lou Who whip something up and join me. The costume took about a week from start to finish (you can see some WIP photos here), with the helmet mostly made of craft foam and Worbla.

I had a day or two to spare prior to the convention, and so a friend helped me wire the helmet with little motors. You can spy it in motion in the GIF above, and a longer clip of Lisa and I in this SDCC cosplay video

Lisa and I were able to meet and chat with Camilla, as well as her sister AdaPia, and were smitten to spend a bit of time with them. 

This was the first time I’ve done a costume inspired by traditional art rather than a game or comic character, but I was pleasantly surprised by how many people recognized Camilla’s signature style. 

Photo details below!

  1. Photo by Elysiam Entertainment 
  2. Photo by Adam Patrick Murray
  3. Photo by Sebastian Jespersen
  4. - 9. Photo by Adam Patrick Murray 

Makeup by Hydred Makabali, Contacts from EyesBright | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | DeviantArt