I performed surgery on these footballs - swapping the laces to the other side to avoid all the ugly logos! Good start on the top! Needs some adjustments, but the basic form is there! Ran out of ties - need about six more to polish off the skirt. Expandable spray foam for the base of her weapon! I used Krylon's Base of armor made out of EVA foam and Worbla! I primed everything with wood glue this time instead of gesso. Like the finish much better, although it's a little brittle if you put it on too thick! Finished knee pads! And license plate bracers! And stop sign Pauldron!

Atomic Wonder Woman Progress!

I’ve been working like mad on Atomic Wonder Woman all week - I can’t wait to wear this to SDCC! I’m still waiting for some important items to arrive, such as the prop chainsaw, but otherwise the costume is already in great shape with a week and a half to go.

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