While I love makeup, I’m doing my best to wear less of it. My face needs a break. Playing around with pigments is fun, but it’s time consuming and not a priority for sitting behind a desk. Sure, mile-high lashes and dark liner and glossy lips are nice, but there is also something really pretty about the eye’s natural shape and the lip’s natural hue. 

Having a clean face is liberating, too. Many of my girlfriends have been posting photos sans-makeup lately, and I appreciate it. In fact, if any of my fellow ladies/cosplayers want to share snaps with me, I’ll compile them together in a fresh-face appreciation post. 

Makeup shouldn’t be a crutch, in my opinion. It should be a tool for expression, but not something we feel obligated to wear to feel comfortable in our own skins. 

Anyway, random train of thought over. <3