Themyscira: Returning Home 

After dreaming about bringing Warrior Wonder Woman to life for years, this shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts feels like the zenith of the project. The setting was perfect, the weather beautiful, and the photographer - Andrew Ho - incredibly talented. I actually felt like an Amazon at home on Themyscira. 

You can read my costume construction notes for Warrior Wonder Woman here | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | DeviantArt
Warrior Wonder Woman concept collaboration with Tess Fowler. First pass at character design. Warrior Wonder Woman concept collaboration with Tess Fowler. First pass at character design with color blocking. Final Warrior Wonder Woman art by Tess Fowler, based off the finished costume. Cutting and dying the leather for Warrior Wonder Woman's skirt. Wonderflex armor fabrication. First coat of paint on armor and props - prior to distressing. Photo by Joits Photography Photo by LJinto Photo by SGH PhotoArt Photo by LJinto

Warrior Wonder Woman - From Concept to Completion

I’ve finally polished off my costume construction notes for Warrior Wonder Woman! Above is a taste of some of the process involved, including my collaboration with the talented Tess Fowler on the character concept. 

Click photos for captions, or read all of my notes here! :D | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | DeviantArt

Behind The Scenes - The Wild Places New Mexico

Here are a few quick snapshots from our Wild Places adventure in New Mexico! Highlights include lunch at Los Pollos Hermanos, dinner and a movie with George R. R. Martin, shooting Anovos Star Trek uniforms at Tent Rocks National Monument, and exploring White Sands park in our A Song of Ice and Fire costumes! I’ll be sure to share Anna’s finished photos as they go live! :D

Pictured: Anna Cosplay Photography,  Stella Chu, Cupcake Disko Cosplay, Amy Houser Illustration and Design 

Plastic wrap and masking tape are a great way to pattern out armor and clothing! Veg-tanned leather cut using the masking tape pattern as a guide. My very first time trying to wet-form leather. Quite happy with the results! The leather top prior to top-stitching and dying. The final top. My very first time dying polyester. I was a bit worried since the fabric was so expensive, but the boiling method worked great. I didn't even need additives like salt or vinegar. Getting creative to shape some EVA foam armor! Nearly finished dress. Huge thank you to my friend Mayhem for creating a custom pattern for me! With that knocked out, I was able to sew the dress in a single evening. My first Arda Wig - lace front and heat resistant. I started by straightening out the soft curl, then braiding bits and locking in the wave with the iron!

WIP - Daenerys Targaryen

This is the fastest I’ve ever turned around a costume - start to nearly finished in a week and a half. I usually don’t like to rush costumes in this way, but I was offered an incredible opportunity I couldn’t turn down! 

I’ve been invited to a Wild Places shoot with Anna Cosplay Photography, and we are staying with George R. R. Martin in New Mexico! I decided to tackle Daenerys’ outfit from the House of the Undying for the trip. Click the photos for construction notes!

I leave on Friday for the shoot - I can’t wait to work with Anna, other fantastic cosplayers, and meet George! :D