About Me

The Professional/Third-Person Bio

Meagan graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2008 after completing her studies in Graphic Design and Journalism & Mass Communication. Prior to May of 2011 she spent her days as an Associate Editor at Game Informer magazine, writing news, conducting interviews, reviewing games, and traveling to events across the world. Now Meagan resides in Silicon Valley just south of San Francisco, where she is the acting Community & Communication Manager for Crystal Dynamics and is working on the next Tomb Raider installment. When she isn’t at the office chances are you’ll find Meagan playing games, reading comics, or working feverishly on new costume for an upcoming convention.

The Personal/Totally Random Bio

I hope that if you’ve met me even once my passion for gaming is undeniable. My love of the medium ignited the moment I was introduced to Lady Lara Croft, but I’ve been playing games since the furthest reaches of my memory. Tomb Raider was the first game I took ownership over, however. Although some may find it laughable that a preteen would identify with a buxom, gun-toting, aristocrat archaeologist, I did. Or rather I wanted to identify with her. Lara inspired me to be intelligent, strong, and independent - all qualities I do my best to embody even today.

My passion for the industry reaches beyond that of desolate tombs, however. Throughout most of high school and college RPGs sustained me – delivering the most bang for my meager buck. With those seemingly endless years of school behind me my taste in games has greatly diversified. Now I pick up and play pretty much anything, but have an affinity for action/adventure titles & shooters.

Comics came later in life – relative to my 26 years. Tomb Raider was once again responsible for expanding my entertainment horizons. My brothers and I frequented the local comic shop to pick up decks for various card games, and when I casually set eyes on my first Michael Turner Tomb Raider cover some years ago, I was hooked. I spent years hunting down back issues and collecting every variant cover, crossover, and foil. After a while I realized there were other good stories waiting for an audience. I’m a Top Cow fangirl at heart, but my favorite books come from the Vertigo universe. I also enjoy Wildstorm, Dark Horse, Aspen, Oni Press, and a handful of smaller publishers. I tend to prefer supernatural to superhero. Capes aren’t really my thing.

Unless wearing them I suppose. Cosplay is my by far my most engrossing (and expensive) hobby. I’ve been dressing up and attending conventions for five years now. If you don’t costume it’s hard to understand the appeal, but cosplay has become a way for me to pay tribute to my favorite characters, in addition to being my primary creative and social outlet. Not to mention, it’s a ton of fun. Walking a mile in the (impractical) shoes of Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Sara Pezzini, Mad Moxxi, or Anya Stroud is empowering in every sense of the word.

Comics and costumes aren’t the only thing I collect. Tomb Raider is also responsible for my stocked shelves and display cases, as most of my unspoken for pay as a teen was siphoned into eBay to fuel a merchandise addiction. Truth is I like to be surrounded by stuff. Not in an unattractive hoarder kind of way. Rather, I enjoy having items that inspire me within arm’s reach, be it comics & trades, games, action figures, designer toys or any other item that appeases my desire for form over function.

I’m also big into art. When I’m not playing around in Illustrator or Photoshop, I am taking photos, drawing, painting, modding toys, modeling, and occasionally sculpting. If I had a welding station in my garage it would give my Xbox a run for its money.

That about covers it, I think.